List of things to do the day of your test

  • Wash and dry your hair on the day of your Sleep Study. Try not to use any hair products, such as gels, hairsprays or heavy conditioners, because it may prevent the electrodes from sticking to your scalp.
  • Remove nail polish and/or artificial nails from at least two fingers. The oximeter that is placed on your finger to monitor blood oxygen levels reads this information through the nail, so any polish or acrylic will not provide an accurate reading.
  • Do not wear make-up. Some electrodes are placed on the face, so this area must be clean in order to get a good connection.
  • Eat a regular dinner before arriving and bring snacks/drinks if you would like.
  • Generally, you are asked to obtain a normal night’s sleep before the test, unless instructed otherwise by your Physician. Continue to take your regular medications and limit caffeine intake the day of your study.