Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a copy of my test results?

What happens to my sleep recording after completion of the test?

Do you perform Sleep Studies on Children?

What is BMI?

Will I just be tested, or will treatment be started in the laboratory?

Should I continue to take my medications before the test?

Will I be given a sleeping pill?

Who will be in the laboratory while I am sleeping?

Will the recording procedure disrupt my sleep?

What does a Sleep Study Show?

Will the recording be painful?

Can I bring earplugs?

Is the equipment noisy?

Can I bring my own pillow?

What should I bring to the Sleep Center for an overnight study?

Can I eat before my test?

Why do I have to stay overnight?

What is O2 desaturation?

What is AHI?

What is RDI?

What is a split-night sleep study?

What is a polysomnogram?

What is BiPAP?

What is the CPAP apparatus and how do I get it?

What treatment am I likely to receive after I complete my overnight sleep test?