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What is a sleep study?

It’s a way to diagnose sleep disorders and can be done at home or in a sleep lab. Home studies track breathing and oxygen levels with a simple monitor. Overnight sleep studies conducted in a sleep lab capture more signals, including brainwaves for sleep, muscle tone, and leg movements. In-lab studies are considered the “gold standard” for identifying a broader range of sleep disorders.

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Who needs a sleep study?

You might if you are overweight and/or have high blood pressure, loud snoring, excessive tiredness, and fatigue, lack of energy, daytime sleepiness, tendency to fall asleep while driving, morning headaches, short attention span, anxiety, or depression. Some jobs require sleep studies, including commercial truck drivers.

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Sleep – it’s all we do and it’s less $ for you!

When we see you in our office and confirm your need for a sleep study, we’re already seeking approval from your insurance company and can often schedule you for a study within a day or two. Most hospital-based sleep labs take up to six weeks and cost nearly three times what we charge as Sound Asleep Lab. Compared to $2,000-$3,000 in most sleep centers, our sleep studies range from $300 for home studies to $900-$950 for in-lab sleep studies – a significant saving for those with high deductible health insurance.

How do I get an appointment?

If you think you are a candidate for a sleep study, please discuss it with your physician or dentist during your next appointment. Or, you can directly make an appointment for a sleep consultation without referral with most insurances except Blue Care Network, Molina & Medicaid by calling (866) 792-2792 or visit our appointments page.



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